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roland a-88 gear bag recommendations?


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I need a padded gear bag for this board, nothing fancy, I'll just be toting it to church on Sundays for worship team. I'm aware of the CB-88rl, had ordered one through Amazon, but the wrong bag was sent. These particular bags are hard to come by and expensive.


Wondering about alternatives. I don't think there's anything out there that will provide a really good fit. I did look at the Gator 88 (GKB88) which according to the ad on Amazon has a one-inch longer interior than the measured length of my a-88. So technically it should fit snugly, but I'm still a little wary with so little length to spare.


Suggestions? Again, I don't need a hard shell case, just something I can use to carry the board to church once a week.

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Gator GKB-88 SLXL


Edit to add, the Gator case series model designation is as follows (nn indicates number referring to # of keys):


GKBE -> economy gig bag, flat, zippered

GKB -> Soft gig bag, soft corners, external pouch

GK -> Semi-rigid case (reinforced corners, otherwise bag-like)

Pro-Go -> High quality gig bag, white 'fur' lining, suitable for napping in between sets. ;)

GKPEnn-TSA - rigid Polyethylene cases, ATA/TSA (discontinued, replaced by the next item)

GTSA-KEYnn - rigid Polyethylene cases, ATA/TSA

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yep, that seems to have ample length


The better factor is that it's slimmer, so you won't have a bag that's twice the depth that you need for the A88. A little extra room at the end would allow for a towel-wrapped sustain pedal, as long as you're only putting it into your car and not touring with full band and/or roadies. ;)

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