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A Kurzweil smooth sound example download

Theo Verelst

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Here's a downloadable example of the result of working on the PC3 sound "correction", with a .pc3 file containing a Samba Midi song I got from the internet, with corrections for a number of tracks contained in it, so you can test it from your own Kurz:


brazilfasttv3c.mp3 The below example, recorded digitally from the PC3 output, no additional processing, straight into the mp3 (just a volume boost, because I've made my mixing enhancements in the PC3 with the volume at exactly halfway which sometimes matters, so think about that if you want to try the below download.


Here's the download, the song I used came from here, I swept in through Rosegarden because I'd forgotten how to get all the instruments to point to the right presets inside the PC3, and it can't transpose a bass sound, so. All the sounds are ROM sounds:


brazilfasttv3c.pc3 contains "song" including essential song-local mastering effects and one essential effect chain (exact same contents in a zip file for when download fails: brazilfasttv3c.zip )


Essentially you can load the .pc3 file into your pc3 compatible, make sure the additional effect chain is found (in mine its number 2511) called AbbyEqH2lim1i3bd (because that's what the edit history produced, no human understandable meaning), and enjoy the same sound but of course more bits and no mp3 downgrading!



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Soooo.....you're saying that the audio output of a Kurzweil PC3 is different and/or even improved when the onboard PC3 effects are engaged? Amazing - Awesome - Who'da thunk it?

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On the serious side of things: I would be interested in the findings of the number of people (5 at this moment) who downloaded! I think I myself would have een very interested if years ago someone would have provided the option of getting into the kind of pleasant sonic palette with such an instrument working musically more proper.


Theo V

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Here's a reiteration of the above, with different sound repair effect chain, tried out on a mastering Linux/Ladspa effect setup (voice through the same post computer processing, PC3 digital in, sounf of master processing recorded 96kHz/24bit uploaded unchanged (uncompressed) to YT):




If you ant to see the meters move the closest to the 60 fps recording, use the HD button. At the end of the video there's a rendering of the same example music as above.



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Here's a reiteration of the above, with different sound repair effect chain


Sometimes I wonder if you had one over the eight.


You use the PC3´s internal FX chains to "correct" the machine.

So it´s a self correcting device ... no ??? :confused:


Man, what do you drink, smoke ?

Can I have that too ?








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