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Anybody Know the Name of This Pat Metheny(?) Song?


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Welcome aboard John. :)


Not sure who the guitarist is either. Too bad the people who put the video together didn't have the good taste and consideration to list any music credit.


Does to me, sound like your typical "on hold" music heard over the phone of many a doctor's office or other small business. ;)


I started out with NOTHING...and I still have most of it left!
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Thanx whitefang, Yeah, at first it sounded a little Muzak-ish to me too, but a couple of the chord progressions in the turnaround sound a bit more rich than most elevator music. Plus the soundpad in the track has that ethereal sound that Pat uses. And the mix doesn't sound as generic as a lot of commercial background music. But, it could be.


That said, I've heard a few tracks of Pat that sound a little Muzak-ish. For example, the song that I do know of his that came to mind when I saw the video is "Red Sky":




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