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esx-1 tubes replacement?

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hello everyone!

i am a regular at the lowdown forum and i am looking for some advice about the esx-1 (the new electribe sampler from korg). i bought it one week ago. as you may know, it has two 12ax7 tubes. mine has two electroharmonixs, "made in russia". can i replace these tubes, with a better pair? has anyone of you tried this?

thank you very much in advance!


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Why do you want to replace them? The Sovtek tubes are actually pretty good. You could get a Groove Tubes tube as well, but a 12AX7 is basically just a preamp. I know some people get all teary-eyed over particular tubes, but you're really just using it to add some warmth, and I doubt you'd hear a massive difference by replacing them with something else.
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