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A very small and short personal rant (Les Paul content)


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For 20 years, I've been looking for a particular Les Paul that didn't really exist. I'm not a good enough player to actually feel the subtle differences between extremely similar but distinct models, but I do have very particular aesthetic tastes.


I've owned many guitars, but never a Les Paul. I wanted a black one with black hardware, an ebony fretboard, and black binding. I found and played many fine examples of black Les Pauls in the two decades I've been searching, but the biggest stickler was the black finish with some seriously light rosewood for the fretboard. As a PERSONAL preference, it doesn't look right to me.


Last year, I gave up and committed myself to finding a LP Voodoo Juju. That read/black finish just looked awesome to me as a second choice, but because it was not my first choice, I've been dragging my heels a bit. The all of a sudden, this appears:



This is the 2018 Les Paul Chambered Blackout. It comes in neon colors and black, and it has a black logo and binding, with a jet black richlite fretboard with black inlays. And it has the standard metal EMGs.


My search was over! Now I fully know the value of this guitar is not the sum of it's parts, but even with the Gibson name premium, I was pretty sure that this fairly plain guitar was going to cost $2200 - $2900 just because of the scarcity, but I was willing to make quite a sacrifice to end my 20 year search.


That guitar sells for $4899.00. Sigh. Oh well.


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That is a sharp guitar. And that is a prickly price.


Now... You could take a Les Paul that, other than the fretboard, suits your aesthetic desires, and have an experienced luthier dye the fretboard with black "ebonizing" dye. That might be more cost-effective for you...


And, I found this "blemished", reduced-price offering, for $1,099.00- how do you like it? (I know, no black binding or inlays, but still... )


____ Gibson Limited Edition Les Paul Studio Gothic Electric Guitar (with Case), Satin Ebony, Blemished






Out of curiosity- and a desire to help you on your Quest- have you looked at LP-style guitars from other companies? Would something like that interest you?


Possibly a good way to go...

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Agile- essentially a company using the Carvin/Kiesel business model, but with foreign labor- could do a nice blackout LP to some pretty decent specs, and at a nice price.


Japanese makers like Fernandes/Burny, FGN, Edwards,Tokai, ESP/LTD etc have some good ones. Id be surprised if ESP in particular didnt have one as part of their current or recent production line.


I personally own a modern Electra Omega Prime, and its a killer. The Prime is available in a gloss black and a blackish finish called Ceruse; the plain Omega comes in a gloss black.





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I would definitely agree with Dannyalcatraz about Japnese guitars, especially FGN and ESP`s LTD series. ESP labeled guitars are not cheap either but look and play great.

Here`s one from Killer, makers of my main electric and one of my favorites:



Another Japanese brand to consider, if you can find one-is Bacchus. I had a low-end acoustic that someone gave me when I said I played but didn`t have a guitar in Japan. It was atrocious. Since then I have played a bunch of them and get more impressed every time, especially the handmade series.



If you can deal with Gibson-like prices but with WAY better QC, another brand is Navigator, made by ESP.




Check out some comments about them here:



Also check out the Carvin CS3 Holdsworth blackout.






Another from Killer:











Same old surprises, brand new cliches-


Skipsounds on Soundclick:


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I'm not a metal player, but I have played one of these ESPs (not the LTD), and it was a great guitar... for $1099 you could swap out for some black hardwear and knobs (it was the EMG pickups, already) and maybe dye the binding and inlays to get the look you want... without sacrificing actually playability and sound one bit (it might be better than a new Gibson, honestly).


Also, sorry if we're annoying you with suggestions... it's just fun.


ESP Eclipse-Standard-Series-Solid-Body-Electric-Guitar

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