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GUitar for Keyboard players

Steve Nathan

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Arno from Acoustic Samples has a new entry to the field. Don't know if this was at NAMM.

I'm guessing I'm not the only one here who finds himself forced to imitate EGs from time to time.

I had some trouble at first getting the site examples to play, but finally managed and watched the vid as well. Sounds worthy.



Don't rush me. I'm playing as slowly as I can!




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The demos sound pretty good.


Not wishing to go too far off topic, however when it comes to playing electric guitar on a keyboard (or should I say Seaboard), Marko Parisi is truly phenomenal. His incredible performances for ROLI at Musikmesse (Little Wing) and NAMM (Purple Rain) set the standard for others to aspire to.


/off topic.




Employed by Kawai Japan, however the opinions I express are my own.
Nord Electro 3 & occasional rare groove player.

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Call me crazy, but I find it much more satisfying to actually pick up a guitar and play if I want guitar sounds... :rawk:


Yes, but as keyboard players, its our manifest destiny to consume every other musician on the planets paycheques until we ourselves are budgeted out by Ai.




victoria bc

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I really like those American Keyworks products. How many cover songs we've done with two guitar parts and one (like that isn't enough already) guitarist. Particularly interested in the poly version.


Looking at the design, I don't see how a poly version would be possible from a keyboardist perspective.


Might as well get a clavinet, or a Harpejji (used by Stevie Wonder and Cory Henry) if poly is an absolute must.


The American Keys design, while effectively monophonic, has some advantages for those who can spare the money and the space - being able to bow the string is really, really cool.

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