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Synth you bought, got rid of, but wished you still had


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Synclavier. Took up way too much room in the studio.







Seriously though, I miss my old Ensoniq ESQ-1. Sounded great and was easy to program despite the menu diving. It was my first synth with a decent sequencer. I wrote a lot of songs with that keyboard.



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Kawai K5000s, sold 10 years ago and a month ago, bought K5000W(i wanted S but i could not find it in Hellas).

Kawai K1 sold and bought(the same keyboard).

Hohner Pianet T sold and bought(the same keyboard).

Moog slim phatty.

Creamware B4000 asb.

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I have a couple regrets, but also good reasons at the time to get rid of them.


My old JX10 I finally gave away to a friend. It had a number of keys go out on it and it frankly wasn't worth (to me) the cost of getting it repaired. I had started using soft synths for home and will never go back to hardware; for live use, it would have been too limiting compared to things like my next mention...


...my Virus kb. Got it used for $600 and I can't say enough great things about it. In the band I've been in for five years, however, we just don't do a lot of synth stuff and I really wanted to get something with a better organ than my other bread-and-butter keyboard...so I had to sell. Seriously the best analog-sounding synth I've ever played (soundwise and playing-wise) and I wouldn't hesitate to get one again.

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DSI Poly Evolver.


I have the rack still, but I just connected with that keyboard in lots of great ways; I had fun playing it and creating sounds/patches.


As I've become more, um, fiscally responsible with my purchases, I can't really justify buying it again (and it seems to be going for ~$1000 more than I bought and sold it for a decade ago), but it was a great instrument!

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Not a synth..... Hohner D6. A real clav is a pain in the ass. I didn't know those things were going to appreciate. It was pretty clean. It would be worth a little coin today.

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Yamaha YC-45D. Two manual "combo" organ. Cool tilting stand, built-in "trap-door" volume pedal, and a ribbon controller(!). I played it thru a Leslie 145 jury-rigged to accept the 1/4" output.


IIRC, I sold it for $400 to get a Korg CX-3 (the early non-digital one).

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Also, not a synth per se, but my Hammond A-101. Needed the $$ then but want the sound and enjoyment now.



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I sold off a lot of synths over the past 10 years, but the one I regret selling the most is the Roland JD-800. It really was a special unit with all those sliders, a fun thing to work with, especially when being used to control my CS-80V softsynth via a MIDI converter app. Fun out the wazoo.


But it had no feasible place in my rig, and its sounds were largely supplanted by software or newer synths like the Kurzweil PC3. Just needed the cash a few years back, and sold it.


I did a lot of repairs on it, though, before selling (sunk some $$ into it for parts; fixed the dripping red-glue problem with the key weights, etc.)


I kind of regret selling it for 2 reasons... to have the synth back... and because I could have gotten twice the amount I got if I had just waited another 2 or 3 years. Prices for these things are insane last time I checked.

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Years ago I sold my Jupiter-8. That kept me awake at nights for about a year until I found another one in mint condition for a great price. That was about 1993. To be honest I don't use it all that much in recent years but I have kept it anyway. It's just such a luxurious musical instrument.


I have sold about 100 synthesizers over many years. I now own about 20. The one I regret selling the most is my SH-7. I had it from about 1995 to 2005.




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