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Wah hoo found some property at last

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We've been a-livin' on the farm since mid March...and let me tell you, I don't miss the old life one bit! On my days off, I'm outside from dawn 'til dusk (sometimes later) doing stuff. Planting trees...vegetables...all sorts of stuff. I love it! Working little by little on my studio...(right now it's just a jam room) and it's cool, because whereas my kids weren't too motivated before, I literally have to chase 'em out of there. So they're using it, which is far more worthy a pursuit than just playing video games...
"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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Hey Ted,

this will be the first year i have not a garden in some time. when it came planting time we already knew we were moving, and obviously its too late to plant now.


the good news is the tractor that comes with it has a bunch of attachments... big big garden next yr i will finally get to plant corn.


and when i want to buy nice plants i wont here my wife saying "we just rent this house your not buying those" :D

she is making me dig up all the good stuff i planted here the last few yrs and take it with us.. sheesh like i dont have enough to do moving 2 biz and a home. :rolleyes:



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