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PC application to play two cd's at once?

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Considering I've got two rom drives, it would be nice if I could play two cd's at once from the same app.

Anybody know of some application that does this?

I can get around this by ripping files and using apps I have to play them at the same time, but it would be nice if I could just do it from the cd's.

I'm really just needing to audition stuff to determine "mashability". :D

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Originally posted by stranger:

Back in the day, WMP would let you open multiple instances, but it won't anymore.

That would be Media Player 6.4, which is still installed with XP but they hide it. Go to Start -> Run -> and type: mplayer2.
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The version of WinAmp I use (2.82 or something -- the last one before version three blew up like a liferaft) has an option to allow multiple instances.


But what I usually do if I need multiple streams or whatever is just load WinAmp and MusicMatch or Wmp.


Now, I think to do that under Windows your soundcard has to allow multiple source streams (as most recent Soundblasters, etc, allow)... but I'm a wee bit hazy on that. Seems like I recall setting a maximum amount of source streams for the SB Live I'm using in system settings. (I know that both my SB and my Echo Mia allow multiple streams -- but the Mia acts as a 'virtual' 8/8 internally.

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