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A graphic of a song's "chart"

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Using the number system (Nashville numbers, I guess you call it.) I was wondering if someone knows a link that shows what one looks like. I saw one in a book and it was nothing more than it looked like a "table." Each measure was like a "cell" in a spreadsheet and the chord's number(s) were put in there. I know the basics, just wondering how people draw it out.

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Yeah, that's a good basic explanation. What an actual chart for a song would look like is this:

Song title Key: ?


Intro: 5411


Verse: 1141





Chorus: 4411





Every number represents one measure.Dominant seventh chords would have a small 7 to the right of the bigger number, so you can't type one that looks right.

Nashville Number charts are usually written in 4 measure groupings. A minor chord has a lower case "m "after the number. In the key of G, an A minor chord would be 2m.

"Diamonds" are used to indicate whole notes.



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| C | Am | F | G |


| E | C#m | A | B |


| A | F#m | D | E |


all become


| I | VIm | IV | V | ...in Roman Numeral chord notation


and become


| 1 | 6m | 4 | 5 | ...in Nashville chord notation.


[Of course, you have to call a key before everyone knows what to play.]


The beauty of Roman and Nashville notations is that they are key-independent, making transposition much more straightforward.

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That's how I used to chart my 'book' for my bands - multi changes in a bar became:


| I - IIm | IV | V | V |


so that's 4 bars...pick your key, usually dependent on the vocalist or the sax or your mood !


Playing familiar songs in different keys is fun & educational...


I'd also write it out like that so I could play a mode across it for a solo or something - kinda gave me the big picture.

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