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R.I.P. Pat DiNizio, lead singer of The Smithereens


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That's too bad. I don't know much about the band or DiNizio, but 62 is much too young. I wish him a peaceful rest.


And sincere condolences to his family and loved ones.


And I've long felt extra sorrow when hearing of ANYbody dying this close to the Holidays.


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I posted it on my FB page because there were so many HUGE stories yesterday that I imagine this one got fairly buried. I saw it briefly last night, but nowhere today.


I've been in several bands that covered various Smithereens songs. I also liked his solo work. One of my bigger influences, really.


A shocking death, as I knew of no pre-existing conditions. It was like a two-fer yesterday, also losing our mayor with no prior warning of heart troubles. When I checked last night, Pat DiNizio's cause of death was not yet public.

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One of my fave singers and songwriters. Underrated... but he had a string of hits as calling cards.


Very sad... he'd had a rough ride, health-wise, since his time in the spotlight. I believe he had some rare disorder that attacked his nervous system, leaving him with the choice of using medication for it that destroyed his metabolism and thyroid and caused an extreme weight gain or no treating it and suffering symptoms similar Multiple Sclerosis... then he suffered a bunch of falls in the past few years (on ice in winter, in the shower) that resulted in nerve damage to his arms leaving them eventually near paralyzed... and another recent fall damaged his back and neck. I suspect back surgery, something that has killed a few people I'm aware of, might have been the cause of death.


Anyway, if you're on facebook go to the Daryl's House Nightclub page (Daryl Hall's place) and look for the Smithereens concert they streamed over the internet a few months ago. Though unable to play guitar or even adjust his mic stand, Pat sings a great show and keeps the crowd laughing with his stories, wit, and delivery.



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