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Not entirely OT: That's some Groove Line

Theo Verelst

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I was working with my latest Post Processing setup, and somehow I had a recording from the first phase (I use only two now for this purpose) which included "Grooveline". That's a major hit song many here will remember from Heat Wave in I suppose the end of the 70s. From the CDs and so on I know, and in another way from a YT, that's fun for getting those synthesizer basses and some rhythmic produced ideas, and a nice production feel but somehow it's not sounding all too good, so I had tried it on my post processing.


Now, this nifty signal path I'd made works partially (it needs re-tuning of the first 3-computer part), but good enough to keep my attention focused for hours of 96/24 flac recordings. In this case too, the music, just like track after track of HD Aretha Franklin comes alive, though not perfect, and the added parallel running Lexicon effect brought out an interesting mix element very clearly on the headphones: like a film is being shown where you hear the subway from left to right, with train running, monsters jumping on and off and all kinds of sound effects.


Weird, huh ? Anyone else hear this ?




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Aretha's recordings sometimes have this nasty distortion on her voice, which I knew a specific mix-construction can turn into wonderful studio monitoring sound. This "phase bank++" approach I understand as deliberate, and being more of a single correction method, leading not to extracting track and layer information, but mostly an intended mix, with varying Dac preparation and some averaging band freedom.


So I suppose I was surprised the Lexicon in parallel with one of the processing I showed in a recent video created that effect. I don't think I can foresee what wil mean for keyboard sounds.

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