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Arturia V-Collection 6 announced


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I picked up the Arturia's Buchla Easel, and have ben really digging it. I'm kinda surprised it's taken someone this long to clone the Easel, it's such a fun and tweakable little synth. I'm hoping they do an iOS version, the interface is just begging to run on an iPad.

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Well, as some have pointed out elsewhere, Madrona Labs Aalto (which I own) was apparently designed to be a Buchla Easel clone as well (I didn't know this at the time I bought it).


Now that I own both, I haven't compared the two for similar features and workflows, much less sound.

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I finally took the plunge and upgraded from v4 to v6.


Some of the instruments have definitely improved since earlier versions (the Jupiter in particular). It sounds much more organic and not so rough around the edges.


I like the DX-7V, but I'm a bit disappointed that it can't read DX-7 II libraries. That would be a bonus if they support it in a later version.


So far the instrument that has been the most fun to play around with is the Synclavier. Some of the grungy basses and comp sounds are just fantastic.


The upgrade was worth the price to me.



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