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Samplitube Pro X3 Suite - The deal of the year


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it's a download, are they really going to know you are in Germany? I say this in all honesty. Maybe they would know, that's above my level of knowledge.


Doesn´t matter ...

I only was shocked because of the price difference since it´s the same software bundle.

The offer on the german (.de) site is a discount and download too.

I looked at Thomann and they offer the same discount.

So I wonder why it´s so cheap in the rest of the world (.com).



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FFS, if they used Samplitude (note spelling, btw) to create the audio for that YouTube video, I wouldn't trust them to know a damn thing about good audio. That's one of the most sibilant voiceover tracks I've ever heard for a product video.


Thanks, but I'll hang on to my cash.

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Ive got this offer (here in Germany) directly from Magix a week ago too, and didnt hesitate long. As a long term user of the smaller "Samplitude Music Studio" I know the advantages and specialities of this DAW very well.


For me the 70 GB of sounds and the variety of good effects (Vandal, Variverb, Melodyne Essential, Izotope Mastering and Repair Suite...) are a big additional value.


And by the way, the audio quality of Samplitude and especially the object-oriented way of working are outstanding.

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Current CW Sonar X2 user here; now looking for a new DAW in light of CW's demise.


What a great deal. I use SoundForge and plan on staying on the SoundForge update path.


So how is the midi editing in Samplitude: good, indifferent, PITA?

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I'm a former user, ended up switching due to no fault of the software. It is a great DAW, if somewhat idiosyncratic, and I imagine it has only gotten better. At that price I''d recommend it to anyone working on a PC.
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