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The Funky Knuckles: Meta-Musica (seriously hot stuff)


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I found this band on Apple Music, it popped up as an "you may also like" while I was listening to Shaun Martin's "7 Summers" album.


The Funky Knuckles are from Dallas, and their album "Meta-Musica" is off the chain. Serious players rippin' it on great original tunes.


There are some similarities with Snarky Puppy, but they really have got their own thing, and their keyboardist is all kinds of sick.


Check it out: https://www.thefunkyknuckles.com/



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Oh yeah. Discovered them years ago when seeing Caleb Sean McCampbell, Michael League, and JT Thomas play a couple nights of trio at the Rex in Toronto. To this day, some of the most amazing music I've been witness to. Caleb is sick sick sick sick sick. Played one of their tunes for my third year recital at school and did, like, ok.
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Caleb is sick sick sick sick sick.


Yes yes yes yes yes.


One of the many things I like about this record is that TFK really sounds like a band; something I don't always get from other collectives in this genre.


Definitely. From what Wes Stephenson (bass/BL) told me over email when I was transcribing "Yo, This Is The Knucks" for school, it's mostly an ear band. Which is wild considering how technical the music is. Also, since the guys aren't quite as famous as SP or others, it might push them to be that much tighter.

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The Knuckles played at LP Studio in Glendale last night. Mind. Blown.


Caleb is no longer with the band, he's touring with Marcus Miller and Stanley Clarke, but their new keyboardist Kwinton Gray is a worthy successor! He was in full-on beast mode.


They are touring in a raggedy-ass van with a trailer all the way from Dallas to Seattle. A pretty grueling schedule, too.


They told me the rhythm section has been playing together in Church since forever; that explains why they have that close-knit band feel.


Tour dates below. If they are in your area, I highly recommend you check them out!







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