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RIP David Cassidy---


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Yeah, I know. Not exactly a "heavy hitter" on guitar, and the whole "teen idol" and "heart throb"/"Partridge Family" thing going for him, but a buddy's younger sister ADORED him and had all his records. And the buddy played a few cuts from one of his LPs for me and he really wasn't that much of a slouch, but I wouldn't put him up there with the many we here salute regularly.


But he died yesterday at age 67, and like Malcolm Young, of DEMENTIA. He was diagnosed with the condition only a year or so ago, if that, and I sure don't understand it. My Grandmother was diagnosed with dementia when she was 78 and lived until age 86, but her ultimate and official cause of death was heart failure. I believe he was waiting for a liver transplant or something, so the "official" cause might have to do with that. I dunno.....


I started out with NOTHING...and I still have most of it left!
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One of my bands played 30 seconds of "Come On Get Happy" to open our first set at a recent gig. People loved it and a couple of them commented that they were disappointed that we didn't play the entire song.


I'm old enough to remember The Partridge Family...my sister was a huge David Cassidy fan. I thought Susan Dey was hot :)

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