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Ode to a Sustain Pedal


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O pedal, was there ever

So ironically named a device

Than the one

You can count on

Not to sustain itself

Beyond three gigs?


Perhaps the emphasis

Should be on the 'stain'

And perhaps the S-U

Should be F-U

And perhaps, it need be said well

That your mother

Sucks Aux

in L.


O sustain pedal

I hate you longer

Than the notes you hold.

Or don't, as is mostly your fate, you.


Oh, sustain

I hate you.





"Ghost of Christmas Present" released 12.2.22 * (Not the jolly kind of Christmas song.)


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It's a serious issue. Problems with the pedals can cause pianists to play faster than they normally would, resulting in a dangerous number of accidentals. The bad pedal also makes it harder for pianists to come to a full stop at the end of a piece making it extremely risky for audiences. Although there have been a tremendous number of accidentals, fortunately it has so far caused no deafs.


Analysts are wondering if it will put a damper on their bass market and if they will be able to sustain sales. Congress is also considering calling for questioning as to where the treble started.


Congressional inquiries brought a sharp response from pedal makers, who quickly played down the scale of the problem before taking the fifth. Only a few modals are affected by what is a relative minor problem, they replied tiercely.


With no progression toward a resolution, sales of sustain pedals have gone flat, and market analysts predict an interval of diminished revenue for the company. The president announced that they would triadvertising more and fine tune their marketing strategies in order to augment sales.

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Never had a problem with a piano-style sustain pedal, except for that one time someone spilled a whole beer into my Nord Triple Pedal. It's now a good-looking hunk of useless metal.


Besides, bringing a spare is easy enough.

Life is too short to be playing bad music.


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Along with an extra keyboard power cord, I always carry a spare Yamaha FC3 in the car. Actually came in handy earlier this year when the pedal went out. Took it in to FET electronics in Burbank , like I have with at least a half dozen other FC3s. It's always a short in the cord and a $20 fix.


2005 NY Steinway D

Yamaha AvantGrand N3X, P-515





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I always have an FC5 on hand as my rotor pedal, so if it comes to it I just move it over to the sustain slot and have Sustain also control rotor speed. I can play sustain pedal with either foot pretty comfortably. But...that need is more frequent than it should be, so sayeth I.

"Ghost of Christmas Present" released 12.2.22 * (Not the jolly kind of Christmas song.)


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I have an FC3 with a short in the cord sitting in my garage. it crapped out within 1 yr and has now sat there for 6 yrs as I realized its a cheap fix and yet - it would require actual effort. so it lays in limbo, not discarded yet not refurbished as I refuse to care enough to tend to it.


I needed an urgent correction and I had an epiphany that I can't half-sus anyway as I play standing up and I'm not a flamingo bird. So I replaced it with a cheaper FC4 thats been rocking those 6 yrs without a glitch. ironic that the more expensive would get a cord short but the cheaper one lives on in infamy.

The baiting I do is purely for entertainment value. Please feel free to ignore it.
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