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A few quick questions re: Roland boutique series


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So I've never really delved into drum machines or MIDI or any of that business, especially in a live setting. However, I've got a fun little sideproject type thing going on where I get to bust out my synths and adding a drum machine to the ordeal wouldn't hurt I don't think. I've also been jonesing for the SE-02 since they announced it.


What I'm wondering is if those two are able to sync with eachother for live performance, or how that sort of thing would work? If I have a sequence on the SE-02 and a drum part on a TR-09, can I have them start simultaneously with one button push, or do I basically have to press play at the exact same moment? Another question I have is regarding setting up 'songs' in the TR-09. What I've read online says that in essence you just have a set of patterns and a chosen number of repeats for each before it switches to the next one. Is there a mode to have the current pattern repeat indefinitely until I tell it to move to the next sequence? I'd like to use it in a live improvisiational manner where song segments would have an indefinite length. If not, are there similarly simple to program drum machines out there that have this function?

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Don't have a TR-09 but I can make my SE-02 respond to midi "play/stop" commands by setting sync to "midi in". This setting is in the Seq Setup.

Now when I hit play on say my JD-Xi the SE-02 starts playing

whatever sequence it is set to.


Again don't know about the TR09 but the SE-02 has three basic modes of operation:


Patch Mode

Seq Mode

Song Mode


The seq mode will play the sequence endlessly, while the song mode is similar to what you describe in the TR-09.





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I trigger riffs on Dual SE-02s with my Physis K4.

2nd SE-02 is the same sequence with unison or harmony.


I bought 2 for Chain Mode.

Ending up liking it better as a 6 x Oscillator Bass, Lead or Chord Synth.

Altering pitches like a C6 Showbud is fun, but the biggest sound is a Sus4 tuning.


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when in seq mode, are you able to keep the instrument playing its current sequence, pull up the next one, and switch to it without ever stopping the first?


Yes, the SE-02 will do that, but the current sequence must play to it's last note before changing sequences.

Also, a very cool feature: while a sequence is playing you can go to patch mode and audition different sounds and also tweak them. The sequencer can remember 1 parameter edit per sequencer step. All in all a very fluid design.

MPCX, RD-800, Vsynth, Matrix 12
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