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Who knows more about wave processors and SCM

Theo Verelst

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Yamaha's CP4 IIRC has "wave processor" type of chips in it, while that interests me, I don't recall reading anything much about those, ever. Any reading sources ?


Then there is the Spectral Component Modelling, which in my later edits of CP4 patches is satisfactory in capturing absolutely necessary nuances in piano sounds, but there's nothing there in any manual about it, there's no adjustable parameter.


And what is it anyway about the "closed source"-ness of things in the music industry: needed to keep all kinds of opinion makers from exploring ideas for themselves, conjecturing ad nauseam and trying to mopho themselves on top of the music programming heap? Or is it simply an industrial Intellectual Propertly protection scheme ?




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Or is it simply an industrial Intellectual Propertly protection scheme ?


This. Understandably, companies would want to protect their IP.


Two conjecture and assumption laden paragraphs follow ....


Roland used to have something they called "wave acceleration" when using samples to simulate analog behavior. They even got far enough to be able to create oscillator sync effects digitally. The initial product (SH-32) failed but elements of that technique seem to exist in the "supernatural" approach to dsp you see in products today. An earlier Yamaha approach to livening up samples was called FDSP and appeared in the EX-5 synthesizer. Today, similar methods are called by different names.


Many of today's synthesis processes begin by extracting information from a sample, and then applying DSP to that information to achieve a sonic objective. It would be efficient to dedicate the process of extracting information from samples to a specific chip, it would seem to me. You could call it a "wave processor" chip. Then the downstream DSP can be specific to the sonic objectives.


Not an engineer. I just play one on the internet. ;):D

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