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Separate Les Paul and Joyo questions


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Hello folks, I have two unrelated questions.


1) Has anyone had hands on time with the Les Paul Voodoo Juju (the red one)? Was it cool?


2) Joyo Zombie. It's got a tube pre and just a 20 watt ss power amp. I've been reading online that some people think it's loud enough to play with drums. Has anyone played one, and would that be your assessment? It seems unlikely.


Thanks! I mainly lurk, but I'm glad this forum is still active.

"For instance" is not proof.


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1). I've never played the LP Voodoo but it gets good reviews. Perfect for the Goth and Metal looks. It has a light ash body. I don't think they came in red...the MF description is a light weight black painted ash with red rubbed into the grain and then a clear finish. No longer available at MF, so if you're looking for one you may need to hurry up... :evil:


2). Never played the Joyo but 20 watts SS maybe a little light for playing with drums unless you mic it to the PA and use it as your monitor. Then it should work just fine...depends on how loud your drummer plays LOL! :rimshot:

Take care, Larryz
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