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Dual Layer DVD+-RW out this summer

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yep, dual layer finally. this means 8.5GB per disc. so far it looks expensive and slow, but give it 6months and it will be fast and cheap i am sure.


for those who create dvd's tis will change the whole process of how we work. of course, this also means that transcoding a rented movie will be no longer necessary (if you do that i guess)


i wouldnt buy the first round of burners.media though...


dual layer burner soon

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It also means we're going to need new drives to use that media. Oh well. My 4X DVD-/+RW is doing just fine, and I won't be replacing it any time soon. Okay, maybe with an 8X if the prices keep dropping.


My 'puter, OTOH, is due for an update - just ordered a new Athlon 64 and a new mobo - I figure that's more important than a faster DVD drive at the moment. But isn't it amazing how they keep selling us new stuff? Faster, better, cheaper - just keep on buyin'. ;)


Thanks for the link.

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i was doing really well, and then something changed and i got a lot worse. i dont know what. i have a hard time walking right now, and stairs are extremely difficult.


i went back to the doc, and he gave me something called SINGULAIR and i have taken it for three days now. it makes me weeze and cough like you wouldnt beleive, but its helping. every time i cough - stuff comes up easy enough and i get better.


i think my lungs are cleaning themselves out from smoking. its icky, sticky brown stuff but its coming out at a high rate finally.


its weird, because for a while my lungs hurt like hell - i assume from parts of my lungs getting oxygen that hadnt seen oxygen for years and years. it was extremely painful. that went away, and i felt really good, almost good enough to do stuff. then saturday my world came crashing down when i walked up the stairs and got out of breath completely. sunday was worse, i had a hard time eating because i couldnt breath through my nose good enough to chew my food.


but i am on the UP again, and this time its different because i am getting rid of stuff. this is new. i havent been able to cough it up until now, and it started wednesday when i took the SINGULAIR.


maybe this will be the thing that makes me get better fianlly. i sure want to be better again, and i can tell my body is trying its hardest to do that; i can tell it hasnt given up although for a while i know it did. in all seriousness without modern medicine i think i may have died from this.

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