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Nord "Vibe" Effect as stompbox or Virtual FX?


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I love the built in effect on the Nords called "Vibe". It sounds very whacky once you go over a frequency of 2 Hz, but below that it just gives a very beautiful swirly effect, especially to Rhodes sounds. It creates a very subtle pitch modulation that tingles my ears :love:


The manual states it "draws its inspiration from a classic foot pedal effect" . Having very little experience with external FX boxes, which one are they referencing to? Is there a modern day equivalent that does the same?


After some googling, I got pointed to the "Univibe", but gauging from the demos I heard, it doesn't have the pitch modulation and goes more into a tremolo/pan-direction. I'm definitely after the pitch thing.


Also, does it exist in VST/AU form? I'd love to get that for various productions!


edit: after some more googling, I found it might in fact be the Uni-Vibe. I think I've been looking at some not-so-great demos

It's not a clone, it's a Suzuki.
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I'm interested if anyone got close to this effect. I tried a bunch of NI's Guitar Rig 5 and Logic 9's built in effects. The closest I got was with using the Scanner Vibrato of Logic's Hammond emulation... it's not as subtle as Nord's effect, though.

Any hints or ideas?

It's not a clone, it's a Suzuki.
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