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Has anyome tried ViP from Akai..

It looks to be a very versatile host for live use..

But what comtroller(non keys) to use..

Having 2 keyboards on stage is more then enough


But this looks to be a much easier way to create vst performances then mainstage..

So what comtrollers have you tried ViP with?

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No, but I tried a Farfisa VIP. It was a very versatile organ for live use. Does that count? :D







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Alesis VX49. Designed specifically for use with VIP. I got mine on MF's SDOTD for $149.00 but normally sells for @ 300.00. Works very well, very close to using a hardware synth. Too bad Alesis doesn't make at least a 61 key version. The display is great, keybed is average (sensitivity is adjustable).



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I've been using it with an M-Audio CTRL49 since February.


The recent 3.0 release allows you to use it with standard (i.e. non-VIP integrated) MIDI controllers, although having the lovely screen on the CTRL is pretty fantastic. I like having my eyes off the screen.


As for the software itself, it makes for a very nice preset librarian, along the lines of what NI Kore 2 used to do but with broader instrument support. I think it would make a very competent live VST host--something I have yet to try--assuming 8-slot multis works for you. It does cache plugins and allows for smooth sound transitions.


I find it more straightforward than Mainstage--and for me, lighter on CPU--but nowhere near as powerful. Some things you expect to be able to do--like filtering out pitch bend, mod wheel, aftertouch, and sustain messages--still aren't there. The software team is listening, though. Fingers crossed.


Keep in mind VIP is only for playing VST instruments and applying effects to those instruments. It does not support audio input of any sort, so it's not a guitar or vocal FX processor.


BTW, Gig Performer is also worth checking out as an alternative to Mainstage on the Mac. Configurable out the wazoo but with a different signal routing paradigm, and also lighter on CPU.


So, to back up a second, what do you need to be able to do with VSTs on stage?

I make software noises.
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Next time please scale down your pic for posting in the thread.



Large images force horizontal scroll and destroy the forum layout.

I just got an Akai with this VIP package and have much to add, but I'll wait 'til KorgyPorky edits that post.


KP, please shrink or remove that photo. Thanks sir.


~ vonnor


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For those who don't want to horizontal scroll when a large picture destroys the formatting, there are a couple of workarounds that allow you to read the rest of the thread with less hassle.


In the "Topic Options" menu in the upper left hand corner just above the top post, you'll find two settings"Print Topic" and "Switch to Threaded Mode"which constrain the properly formatted posts to the width of your window. If you're reading in Threaded Mode and want to switch back to normal view, select "Switch to Flat Mode" in the same "Topic Options" menu.





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