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Piano Movers for B3/Leslie move to new house?


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I dont have the dollys or vehicle to move it---fear regular moving company



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Or do it yourself. There are places that rent Roll-or-Kari dollies. You need a 28" set for that organ, and a nice thick moving blanket. Then rent something you can use to tow, and an enclosed trailer.


Or call your local organ store / organ tech.

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I had a team of three movers relocate a C3 (and an M102A) to the basement of a new residence. I have a set of Roll-or-Kari's but the movers preferred to use a standard heavy-duty hand truck. This actually worked better because the stairway is fairly narrow and there is a landing with a turn halfway down. The movers wrapped the Organ in heavy moving blankets and taped it up securely covering the whole cabinet. They put the organ on end with the top of the Organ resting on the hand truck. All went smoothly without any damage.
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Steve, tomorrow is my birthday, and I swear to you this is probably the best "virtual" gift I could have asked for. grin twothumbs cool


After all you've done for me, it's not much, but the thought counts I hear. :laugh:

Have a very happy birthday my friend. :cheers:

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