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So, AXS Channel ran a 2004 YES Concert...


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Imagine a new band like that becoming popular today.



I can't, either.

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Yeah, I'm hip. I saw them once in the mid-70s when I was fresh out of HS. Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City. First laser lightshow I'd ever seen, phenomenal musicianship, staging, audio system, etc.


To see them in this show, 30 years later, still having the chops to play this material with such precision really made my jaw drop. Every player was right in there, but Steve Howe absolutely blew me away.

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I've seen Yes several times, but it has been a while. Overall, this was a very good performance from them. Steve Howe is scary skilled; and scary looking (even more so now). But he shows that looks aren't everything. And this was a nice song selection.


I'd like to see the Anderson Rabin Wakeman lineup sometime. Though I saw a t-shirt last weekend from someone who probably disagrees with me. It said: "I want to drink until I forget about Owner of A Lonely Roundabout"

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