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I Like Dual Instrument Cables

Doug Robinson

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You mean like Hosa Stereo cables. I've used them. They work and they are handy if I don't need my snake. If you don't like Hosa then Redco will custom build whatever you want. But if one side goes out you lose the whole cable ..... but what the hey, the cables are pretty cheap.



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I just make snakes out of split-sleeve plastic stuff (got at Amazon). That way if you want to change one out it's not a big deal. My main one is 30 ft and goes to FOH on stage...3 cables, a submix out, a monitor feed back to me, and a mic cable to FOH. So much quicker and neater than running multiple cables especially when you are dodging the drummer while he's setting up :)
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I have some doubles and singles. I like the convenience of a double when i run stereo, but id call it minor vs two singles. i usually run mono to FOH so I rarely used them. Cleaner look and less wires to track down.


I just got a DI that will send L/R thru while summing to a mono out for FOH (or send stereo to FOH, switch selectable choice). Reason I like it is I can run L and R to my PPA. May just be my imagination but it seems I don't have to drive it as hard with dual inputs vs a single mono. Otherwise would expect the real summing of the audio there to be the same electronic summing up the chain, though I don't know if electronic summing is always the same. E.g. Is summed mono out of a synth (L/Mono jack) the same as L/R sum at the DI = actual audio wave summation if L and R are both fed to the PPA?


Beats me, there's probably a smart guy or two here who did the science already


I always have a spare single and spare double at any gig. Have not had a double go out yet

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First bag of cables I bought from Hosa, half of them were bad. Never bought Hosa cables again.


The ones I had got stuck in the audio outs from my Korg M3 and the inputs to my Focusrite Saffire. How the hell does that even happen? Never again.


If one goes bad just separate them, it's easy to do.



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I have several different cable snakes made for me by Redco over the years for various evolutions of my rig. They are very useful when I need to grab and go for a pick-up rehearsal or gig. One that I use quite a bit has a pair of stereo cables in the snake with each end color-coded with enough of a fanout to be used in multiple applications. My most frequent use case for this cable is a stereo L/R from my NS2 and stereo L/R from Vent. I have right angle connectors on one side and straight connectors on the other.


The Redco snakes are extremely durable - I have multiple that have been gigged heavily for years and never had a single problem.


My latest gig rig has some awesome custom modifications done by our very own vonnor where my Redco snakes now have multi-pin connectors at the keyboard rig and rack. So I send a big fanout from my NS2 that has all audio, MIDI, pedal connections going into a multi-pin box on my pedal board, then that connects via multi-pin back to a panel in my rack that interfaces with the offstage mixer, synth, Vent, etc.


The Redco stuff might cost a bit more on the front end, but you get to select all the pieces you need, color code them, add extra things for future growth, etc. I'm a big fan!

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I've been using these for years. They're available in different lengths and configurations. I have many of them and I haven't had problems with a single one of them.


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