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Always double check the directions!!!

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I got an email on saturday from a friend who happened to hear about Turner Movie Classic's Young Composers Contest, where they supply some 60 sec clips of 1920s silent movies and you compose a score. I started working on the score monday and had most of it done, including getting my twin to play some solo cello lines. Since it was a clip, I didn't know the context of the scene, so after watching the scene a number of times, I went in a certain direction.


As I was showing my twin the clips I didn't choose, he asked to see the main page for the contest, and while looking at the site, we noticed a "synopsis" of ever clip!! :eek: Of course, i had gone in a completely different direction and there was no way this was going to be fixed. Just my luck. Oh well, it's not like I wanted $10k, a scoring gig with a real orchestra and a ton of gear anyways ;):rolleyes:


the practice was fun at least....


(note, this is just a rant)

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