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Question about monitors

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I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me out here...


I have a PC, a mixer and the Samson Resolv 65a monitors with the Resolv 120a subwoofer. Everything started out just fine when I first bought the monitors. They were active and had balanced connectors (XLR). My Mackie 1202 has balanced TRS out, so everyone was happy. Then, a couple of weeks later I decided to get the sub as well. Then I found out that the guys at Samson in their infinite wisdom chose to make all the connections on the sub unbalanced - d'oh! You're supposed to connect through the sub, thereby un-balancing the entire setup. This resultet in quite a bit of hum.


After about ten days of experimenting I solved it (kinda) by making sure that the computer, mixer and all three monitors got power from the same socket (grounded), AND I take a piece of wire from each monitor and fasten to the chassis of the computer. Now almost all of the hum is gone, but I don't think it's a good solution (I don't even know if I'm at risk of getting shocks!)


My question is this: Can I use something like the Samson S-Convert to in a way isolate the sub from the mixer so that the hum 'stops' at the S-Convert like a unity-gain transformer? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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IF you use good quality shielded cabling and keep the cable length under 15 feet you should not have any issues unless you happen to be in a high RF area, ie under or very near cell or microwave towers, or directly under power lines.


Of course, all your power sound be derived from a common source and properly grounded. Sounds like you were using multiple outlets with an uncommon or nonexistant ground, which, unless there is alot of other high current draw gear you didn't mention(tube pre's, power amps with tube circuits, etc.)there is no need for this. Have your electrical service ground checked by a licensed electrician, and for saftey sake (power outages, cycle shifts, etc.) get yourself a good professional (ie not the $70 special from Staples) UPS that delivers regulated voltage and current.

Hope this is helpful.


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