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DAW's and internet access.

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I recently brought home my new PC. I used to run Win98, but now its XP Pro. First I had to deal with the authorization by phone which was no problem, but it alerted me to the fact that so much of our software, etc. comes via download. Setting up a DAW to be "internet savvy" has always been a no no, but is there a way (such as a separate user account) where essential elements to enable internet access can be set up for these purposes and shut off when about the business of making music? Anybody have any links to any good resource material?
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A couple of approches:


1. Install your network interface properly, but disable it in Control Panel|System when you are DAWing.


2. Get Partition Magic, make one partition for internet/office, etc., and another for DAW. You will install WXP twice on the computer, which seems to be tacitly OK with Microsquish.


I have done it both ways, and in reality, the DAW partition has the network interface on at all times, with no glitching, extra CPU, etc., but of course that can vary from computer to computer.

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In my experience, it's not as a big a deal as it's made out to be.


I have my networking activated all the time and have never had a problem with performance. I've streamed up to about 30 tracks, with plug-ins, a couple of VST instruments, and never experienced any drop outs or sync problems of any kind. Mind you, I'm not surfing the web: my audio program is the only app running and I keep background services to a minimum (check out musicxp.net).


I doubt if simply having your network card activated and having the TCP/IP stuff installed would even present a measurable difference to CPU load.


I'd go ahead and just have it active, keep an eye on things and only disable it (in XP you can define multiple hardware profiles that are selectable during system start up) if you actually experience a problem.

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The easy way is to setup your computer with multiple users. One user config will have all your games, internet, porn, etc. The next will have your audio apps, video, etc.


You just log on/off back and forth. Set your audio/video user config with your NIC disabled.



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I'm only had one problem. I was recording from 4-track to harddrive and forgot to close AIM and my wife messaged me. I forgot about it, but later when I was listening back, I kept hearing this unidentified sound. Until, I realized what it was. In another song, it might have worked but I redid the song and always leave my network before recording anything. I have a 1G ram and have not run into any problems otherwise when the PC was on the network.



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i have a question along similar lines.


my daw computer doesn't even have a modem or explorer in it (p4 2.8, 1 gig ram, nuendo), so obviously i don't surf on it. in a situation like that, how do i deal with XP updates from mircosoft?


-d. gauss

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I believe MS offers "network" versions of their patches. You download it once, and distribute it to all of your machines.


It would take some searching on their site. I was able to download Service Pack 1 by this route. I think it was like 150 MBs though.


Service Pack two beta has been released so that's right around the corner too.


In a similar situation I wouldn't worry about it too much. Think about it: most patches are to fix security flaws. If your not networked/online than you don't need much security ;) . I would make an effort to get my hands on the Service Packs as their released but wouldn't worry about it much otherwise.


This is assuming your DAW isn't always networked to another machine that DOES have internet access.


Edit: I'll burn you a copy of SP1 if you don't have it all ready. PM me if you're interested.

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I agree with Alan - there is nothing wrong with having Internet access on a DAW. I've always used one computer for everything, and never had a problem. As long as you're not surfing the web at the same time as you're recording 14 tracks, the fact that a web browser is installed on the hard is irrelevant.



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Though I was determined not to have this new box on the internet, I set it up so the wifes computer is connected all the time and I connect via network to it. When I'm working I disable networking and shut off the virus software and do my music. When I take a break or need something I fire up the antivirus and enable the network card and get on the net. Seems like a very workable compromise. And I never plug in the backup drive when the network is on. I feel pretty safe.

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