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Cats...... again

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I finally got my Clavinova back after having had it over at a friends house for over a year. My cat thinks that it's going to claim the top panel for its' BED. I have shooed him off several times, but he continues to return to it.


I keep having these visions of horror.... CAT DANDER messing up the instrument, or in a worst case scenerio.... PISSING THE CAT OFF by forcing him to stay away from it and having the cat take a piss on it. Reflections of Jeff's case of "Spiteful Urination" :D


I don't really have another room that has the space to put it, as it's a full size 88key electric piano. I have no way to block the cat out of the room.


What to do?????????

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Ani -

Put loops of tape (masking or scotch, not recording ;) ) on there. You know, where you attach the tape to itself with the sticky-side out?

Cats HATE that, because it sticks to their feet/fur. It won't hurt them, but it really annoys them. They pretty quickly learn that it is a place that they don't want to go anymore.

Also, using scotch or masking tape (as opposed to something stickier) won't hurt the finish on your Clavinova.

May all your thoughts be random!

- Neil






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Thanks for the tips guys.


He's definitely obsessed with it. I bought a new entertainment rack a while back and he thought he was going to claim EVERY TIER of the rack, moving from one to the next level, until two days later when I found the time to migrate my equipment to the new rack... He was livid, but the rack was very fitting to the gear so he could not get between the gear and the next tier.


I can try putting some nice candelabras on the sides and a statuette in the center to try deferring his interest in using the Clav. as a bed. I'm apprehensive in putting the candelabras up because they are antique pewter and are quite pricey. If he knocked one off and destroyed it, it would be irreplaceable.


The idea about the tape is unique, but I'm sure would look tacky... pardon the pun ;) However, if I were to make a cover of some sort of material that he didn't like (maybe satin that would cause him to slide off) it might discourage him. My first thought was to put plastic that would crumple under his feet, but I thought plastic would not be good for allowing the instrument to breathe; perhaps building condensation during more humid seasons.


The thought of leaving it on full blast would be an invitation for my kids. :freak:

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