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50 Most Influential Rock Stars

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"A panel of acclaimed musicians has named The Beatles as the greatest rock and roll stars of the last 50 years. "


Beatles top musicians\' rock list


I can't access the Rolling Stone site to see the full list, but this article has the top 10.


What do you all think?? I'd say first place was a given anyway, I'd have expected Jimi to be a place or 2 higher as well...

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Thank you Base, I took the liberty of digging up the Rolling Stone magazine articles & list (hope you don't mind):


1-10 11-50


This is good stuff!


Jerry Wexler on Aretha: "Aretha had a minor career at Columbia before coming to Atlantic. I don't think Columbia let her play the piano much. It's always been my belief that when a singer plays an instrument, you should let them play it on the record, even if the singer is not a virtuoso, because they're bringing another element to the recording that is uniquely themselves. In Aretha's case, there was no compromise in quality. She was a brilliant pianist, a combination of Mildred Falls -- Mahalia Jackson's accompanist -- and Thelonious Monk. In other words, Aretha brought a touch of jazz to her gospel piano. And it was all instinctual. I don't think she had any classical training. She just put it together. It was part of her genius. No one could copy her. How could they? She's all alone in her greatness."




What do we want? Procrastination!

When do we want it? Later!

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