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OT - Python's "Life of Brian" being re-released!

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Apparently the Python guys want to jump on the Mel Gibson bandwagon, but who can blame them? I really enjoyed this movie, and glad to see it coming out again (opens Good Friday ;) ). I didn't realize George Harrison had financed the movie.


Whistle along now: Always look on the bright side of life... :D


"Eccentric language often is symptomatic of peculiar thinking" - George Will


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Originally posted by hard truth:

What a great double bill with Passion!

Not really. But I'll definitely go and see it.


I never thought of the film as sacrilegious. It seemed more like a satire on organized religion and beaurocracy.


The 'stoning scene' about makes me piss my pants everytime I see it.

Super 8


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I was in a Jesuit school when "Life of Brian" was released. The school newspaper had a very positive review of the film in it. The next week a parish preist (who was in no way affiliated with the school except that he too was Catholic) sent a letter that was dutifully published in that same school newspaper excoriating the school administration, the student reviewer, the Pythons, and probably George Harrison for producing a sacriligeous piece of filth. He also mentioned that the Pope had put this film on the Index, which is the Vatican's list of banned films.


I'm sure that the reaction that he inspired from the student body was not entirely what he had hoped for.


CENTURION: What's this, then? 'Romanes Eunt Domus'? 'People called Romanes they go the house'?

BRIAN: It-- it says, 'Romans, go home'.

CENTURION: No, it doesn't. What's Latin for 'Roman'? Come on!



BRIAN: 'R-- Romanus'?

CENTURION: Goes like...?

BRIAN: 'Annus'?

CENTURION: Vocative plural of 'annus' is...?

BRIAN: Eh. 'Anni'?

CENTURION: 'Romani'. 'Eunt'? What is 'eunt'?

BRIAN: 'Go'. Let--

CENTURION: Conjugate the verb 'to go'.

BRIAN: Uh. 'Ire'. Uh, 'eo'. 'Is'. 'It'. 'Imus'. 'Itis'. 'Eunt'.

CENTURION: So 'eunt' is...?

BRIAN: Ah, huh, third person plural, uh, present indicative. Uh, 'they go'.

CENTURION: But 'Romans, go home' is an order, so you must use the...?

BRIAN: The... imperative!

CENTURION: Which is...?

BRIAN: Umm! Oh. Oh. Um, 'i'. 'I'!

CENTURION: How many Romans?

BRIAN: Ah! 'I'-- Plural. Plural. 'Ite'. 'Ite'.


BRIAN: Ah. Eh.



CENTURION: Nominative?


CENTURION: 'Go home'? This is motion towards. Isn't it, boy?

BRIAN: Ah. Ah, dative, sir! Ahh! No, not dative! Not the dative, sir! No! Ah! Oh, the... accusative! Accusative! Ah! 'Domum', sir! 'Ad domum'!

Ah! Oooh! Ah!

CENTURION: Except that 'domus' takes the...?

BRIAN: The locative, sir!

CENTURION: Which is...?!

BRIAN: 'Domum'.


BRIAN: Aaah! Ah.

CENTURION: 'Um'. Understand?

BRIAN: Yes, sir.

CENTURION: Now, write it out a hundred times.

BRIAN: Yes, sir. Thank you, sir. Hail Caesar, sir.

CENTURION: Hail Caesar. If it's not done by sunrise, I'll cut your balls off.

BRIAN: Oh, thank you, sir. Thank you, sir. Hail Caesar and everything, sir! Oh. Mmm!




Alan Tomlinson

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