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Another Genius Running Amok!!

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Just saw this over at the Sonar Forum of all places www.cakewalk.com/forum/tm.asp?m=87300 What labratory do these rejects come from?any,here's his letter in case it gets deleted over there







My email is : (Deleted)






I am a programmer and have a good expirience in hacking.


I will be hacking the email and giving you proof before i ask for payment. ONLY if you are satisfied that i have the password you will pay me.



Terms and conditions:

1) The bottom rock prices are $100 per account for HOTMAIL , YAHOO, AOL, EARTHLINK REDIFF etc.

2) I will mail you in 1-5 days with the status of your request (if you need password urgently-about 1 day or less, email me and i will do your order first for additional fee.).

If i have successfully hacked it, I will send you proof.

After you are satisfied you must pay me $100 by Western Union !

(citizens of USA and CANADA also can pay ONLINE from www.westernunion.com.)

After i recieve payment i will send you the password.

3) I give you the original password and the email box owner will not will not see any changes.


4) REMEMBER!!! To get passwords for email boxes is not an easy thing! So, please do not ask me to do it for FREE . I will ignore such mails.


I feel $100 is a very small price to pay for breaking into someones privacy. Do not mail me, if you do not agree with the above stated rules.

!!! I do not charge until you are completely sure i have the password !!!

And there is no reason why i will not send you the password after recieveing the payment. I have no use for those accounts.




My email is : (deleted)



"A Robot Playing Trumpet Blows"
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