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I have this idea for software - is it doable?

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I'm having a bitch of a time EQ'ing my guitar tone to sound well - better and more polished. So I was thinking, wouldn't it be cool if there was software that takes one wave file as a reference point, then EQ's the other wave file to match it in tone.


You'd need to isolate the guitar somehow from a CD though...


If only this existed. I don't have a chance :cry:

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I hope this doesn't sound too presumptuous.....


The keys to good guitar tone are in your fingers and your amp. If it ain't sounding good without an amp, it won't sound good with an amp. And if it doesn't sound good straight out of the amp, no EQ will make it better.


All EQ can really do is pare down a good sound so it sits properly in a mix. It cannot take a mediocre source and make something good from it.

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Well therein lies my hope. Maybe I can be lucky with what I have. I'm running direct into my Fantom-S. I can't mic anything cause: I have a shitty amp, no mic and I don't live alone.


And I cannot afford any gear right now.

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Originally posted by Phait:

Anything available in VST/AU plugin? I've got Logic 6...

Their all Vst,but since your Mac(if I remember correctly)The Elemental Firum is probably your best choice since it's probably AU as well.
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