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Reset Yamaha SY77 and Extreme touchscreen...

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Hey everyone. Got an SY77 for cheap. Just for the keybed, really. It's still very tight and plays lovely.


Believe it's the same one as my old Triton Extreme? Which is all but dead and has been for a couple of years :-(


Really liking the SY sound wise. Was always Roland in those days.


Does anybody know if it's possible to reset an SY77 thru SysEx? Buttons are all very dodgy so can't do the startup thing. I know it's not a huge job to replace them.


Thanking you, Adam


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As per title, was gonna ask about the Extreme's touch screen, too, but just found an eBay thing after three years...


Maybe it will rise again? Needs new end caps, a screen, and a keyboard but apart from that - really like it, still. Sounds different to the Kronos. Really like the strings, especially.

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It was just gigged and gigged for years. Vans, planes, thrown down some stairs...


But, the touchscreen was a total accident - I took it apart and sprayed it white for a show. Going well until I dropped the touch screen reassembling it... Idiot.


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