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Hopefully my tenure here has earned me this privelage. If not, my apologies.


I've spent the last three or four weeks putting this site together and I would appreciate any feedback you folks can offer. It's my first website so go easy on me ;) :




And as long as I have your attention, I have this nagging feeling that our online business model is a little complex and intimidating. We're trying to focus on photo printing since we can undercut Ofoto, Walgreens, etc. This page sums it nicely. What do you think? too complex, wordy, or otherwise lacking? Keep in mind that you normally wouldn't see that page until after placing your order.


I've got a million other questions but I guess I'll leave it at that.


Word to the wise: stay away from Perl scripts if you can avoid 'em!


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Wow, you guys don't think it's too simple/amatuer? You'll notice we don't offer web design ;) .


Thanks for the positive words. I took the pictures over several years of hiking. I'm no photographer but definately found myself in the right place/right time. Some shots are tough to screw up! All were taken with a Cannon Elph (film).


I'll try and sort out the Mac/IE 5 situation. Let me guess, the icons causing problems? As for the shipping, you're given shipping options on the order form when you enter your billing info. I actually need to tweek that still.


Good to see most browsers working. Hopefully the load times aren't dreadful.


Oh ya, we've got another were that baby came from!

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