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google question

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Even if your number is listed, if you've contacted Anywho to have it unlisted online, it will not show up at Google. We have and ours does not appear. My parents and my wife's parents, along with other relatives and friends names and addresses show up with a Google search.


Weird thing... I tried looking up an old friend using the directions at the Google site you see after clicking on the telephone icon. (Before the name and number when you've found a number listing.) I used it to search, yet again, for this friend who moved back to south Texas and disappeared. I didn't find a number, but one of the first web listings led to a printout of Texas marriages in 2001. Turns out he was divorced and remarried. (His first marriage was on the rocks when they moved back to Texas, but I never heard they split. :( ) Later I found a similar record of the first marriage, which gave me her birth name. Still haven't found concrete leads to contact either of them, but it was interesting to see where it led me. In fact, I found another similar listing that detailed his birth record in 1971!


Even so... I'm equally amazed at my inability to track him down. (At least without paying for a search service.)

It's easiest to find me on Facebook. Neil Bergman




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