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Amazing analog!

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Just having purchased a couple of new monitors I was browsing through my cd collection checking for outstanding mixed/mastered stuff.


I ran into one of my Chris Whitley albums, it's named "Perfect Day" and contains acoustic (dobro/national, upright bass etc.) versions of some classic songs like hendrix's "drifting", reed's "perfect day" and some tunes I don't know the author to (like "spanish harlem incident").


The quality of this recording truly AMAZED me, it sounds SO f***ing sweet, it really soothes the ears!


So I went reading the little inlay that came with the cd (yes it's an ordinary cd) and noticed it was recorded "live" on 1/2" analog tape by a man named Danny Koppelson, produced by Craig Street. Mastered (I betcha it didn't come to him on DAT) by Greg Calbi at Sterling.


A job well done by these gentlemen. Wow.


U2's "Achtung Baby" also sounds VERY good by the way, I don't know how that was recorded though. I'm finally getting to appreciate the CD audio format :D Just amazes me this analog recorded stuff sounds so breathtakingly good compared to some of my other cd's...


Edit: What mic is this?



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Thanks Mats, it appears to be an RCA 77-something. I was asking because the vocals on the recording I was talking about sounds really good.


There's an RCA 77-DX being offered at e-bay... http://cgi.ebay.nl/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3803446592&category=53108


Seems to be a similar mic. Price is ofcourse way out of my league :) I'm such a poor man hehehe.


Am fascinated by old stuff. Built like a tank ofcourse.

Stirring shit up since 1968
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