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OT - Friend's wife is sending me emails

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Not what you think. My guess is that this girl is new to computers. I did not give my email address to her, I gave it to her to give to her husband, who is very ill. Actually, she asked for it and I assumed it was for him. I had asked for their phone number, since I wanted to call him because he is gravely ill.


So, every day, I get emails, like a journal, all decked out in animated gifs. Just stuff. General no-news news. Chatter. Plus, she sticks my email address in the TO window with everybody else on her list and now I'm getting emails from somebody on that list that I don't even know. Because girl #1 (like 99.9% of everybody) does not know how to send a Blind Carbon Copy.


I don't have time to read these emails. But if I never read and always delete, I will never know about her husband, which she sometimes reports on.


A minor dillemma in the big picture but a dillemma. I'm thinking of writing this as if it's a blanket statement to my email list...


"I have been online for many years. And now, my email has become unmanageable. My only recourse is to either give up email or change something. So, for now, I guess I'll make a request. If you have an email that is specifically addressed to me, please send it. If it's a mass email that will include me on a list, please just remove me from the list. I am cancelling all lists. Thanks!"


Something like that. There is also truth in this. Due to spam (from total strangers) is ruining email.

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I never caught how stupid "cc" Carbon Copy is within the cyber world. Maybe we should change it to Computer Copy...


I guess we should call the monitors, Moving picture boxes....

overheard street personality on Venice Beach "Man, that Bullshit is Bulllshhittt...."
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I assume that whatever email client you use has rules and folders. Just create a new folder for just her messages, and create a rule that automatically banishes her messages to this folder, ready for you to check or delete.


Don't be passive-aggressive: just ask her nicely not to send the daily messages, only the ones that pertain to her husband. You don't have to justify this to her.

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