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OT: Is nothing sacred?

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Anyone else seen the previews for a 'new' movie called Walking Tall? It stars the Rock, and all it has in common with the original is the title and the big stick. It's set somewhere else besides Tennessee, the lead character's got a different name, the story is a complete fabrication - and besides, it looks totally lame. It's bad enough that Hollywood has to rob old stories for 'new' ideas, but Jesus, this was the true story of a man who actually lived bigger than any movie. They took the title and threw his story away.


I plan to most deliberately NOT see this movie. I won't be a party to what amounts to pissing on the grave of Buford Pusser, not to mention pissing on a cool old-school movie. I say that any of you who see the preview and get interested should go rent the original and let Joe Don Baker show you what a real badass looks like.

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The true story that the original that the movie was based on didn't mean all that much to me,the newer version even less.I almost never watch movies anymore.This latest movie is just more proof of how the movie industry is beyond lame for the most part,and the barrage of lame sequels sort of prove it.Anyway,I have no interest in Hollywood and they can trash it up all they want for all I care.
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The previews for that looked so ridiculously Hollywood/WWF-ish i never even considered another thought about it.


Yeah i saw the 'Based on a true story!' caption, but these days i initially expect stuff on t.v. to be 100% bullshit unless proven otherwise.

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Ah, phae, don't you mean WWE-ish? Just teasing you, but I agree with you.


Phil, you stole my answer before I entered this thread. All too often, large corporate entities seek proven products to repackage and sell "as new." Witness the recent proliferation of Disney's product. Couple that with their recent acquisition of many a child's beloved Muppets and you're just asking for disappointment.




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