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California's attorney general is the MPAA's bitch?

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Read it here


"If the MPAA was directly involved in drafting or revising the California attorney general's letter, criticism is likely to come not only from P2P fans. Others might be concerned about propriety of a commercial organization effectively placing words in the mouth of an elected official."

"That's what the internet is for. Slandering others anonymously." - Banky Edwards.
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It's a company town.


No matter how you characterize their politics, the State of California, its elected officials (notably Senators Boxer and Feinstein), the LA Times...all tend to blindly support the existing power structure. They promote what is good for the entertainment industry as stated by the entertainment industry.


They support actions by the MPAA and RIAA without taking into account the greater social, economic, political, and cultural impact of the trade organizations.


Pure Pork for Now People.

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