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Mini mixer with XLR outputs and fx loop - options?


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Hi, looking for something similar to the yamaha mg06 mixer - probably a 6/2 or 8/2 mixer, xlr outs and effects loop, pre-solo option if possible, as small a footprint as possible, not a rack mixer. Any options out there, I can't see anything apart from the yamaha, and it has no effects loop etc.


Thanks for the input.


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By loop you just mean aux send and return?


Yeah the very smallest mixers are limited on sends and alternate outputs, or have been last I looked.. I had similar needs and ended up with a Soundcraft notepad 10, which is a fair bit bigger with more channels than I needed. Got a great deal used from a friend or I was either going to get a Samson rack or probably that same Yamaha you mentioned.

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Okay, didn't know about that one, it looks good but rather expensive.


any other options?


No. Not if you want to keep a small format and you consider $400 to be too expensive.


Unless you go rack that is about it.


I have a Yamaha MG102c I mounted to a rack drawer that gets part of the way there but not quite and it is a little large it you want it to sit on a 88 key slab.


FWIW I found the MG102c to be a quiet nice little mixer. You can probably find one cheap if you can locate a used one. The new MG10 doesn't have the channel effects loops. (But are fine if a single loop is OK.) Also you can mount those Yamahas on a mic stand but I tried it and didn't like it. It was like have a Medusa on stage. Cable management will need to be thought out. It was easier to rack it..... or just set it on a road case. I rack stuff because I want every hooked up and ready to plug and go.





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Yep, the Key Largo is the only mixer that fits ALL of the requirements, but now is too many $'s. So, drop a requirement, if the XLR outputs can be dropped then there are a ton of mixers that fit the bill, then just run the 1/4" outputs into two direct boxes which are also a small footprint and small dollars and once again all of your requirements are intact.




I'ved owned two of them for 25 years and they still work perfectly. I zipped tied them vertically (stacked them).


How about this mixer for $60:




The cool thing about that mixer is that the 1/4" input channels also have gain knobs, it has the EFX loop (not 1, but 2 sends), TRS/TS inputs and XLR inputs. Coupled with the $60 in direct boxes your total outlay is $120, you'd meet all of your requirements, and at a great price and a small footprint.

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Thanks for all the suggestions.

I actually have a yamaha mg10/2, which I use on a mic stand (I like it!), but have been looking for something small to rest on a keyboard (specifically, the space on the top of an Access Virus TI).

Would probably be happy to give up the xlr requirement, but on reflection I think I'm really looking for a 6/2 mixer, not 8/2...otherwise I might as well keep to my Yamaha, as the size difference seems to be negligiable.

Any 6/2 suggestions, with aux send/ return features? I guess not, but...

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In all the threads on little keyboard mixers, there is either no headphones out or it seems unlikely to send a stereo AUX mix to the headphones. At a time where keyboard players are increasingly going to wired IEMs and want an aux feed from FOH, it would be nice to directly plug the phones into a mixer. But the aux feed cannot go back out of the LR of this keyboard mixer. I'll settle for a mono send in my IEMs, but I want to hear my keyboards in stereo in my IEMs.


I guess sending the aux out of the keyboard mixer to FOH would be one way to handle this, saving the LR outs for IEMs. I've never tried that.



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Check out a Rolls Hex 1U mixer.

Headphones, Stereo FX, Inserts on every channel.

100 bucks on ebay usually.

I use one for Submixed drums.

Wanted more channels and added Rolls Mini mixer.

Their stuff is durable, inexpensive small and sounds fine for live work..

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If you can go with 1/4" TRS outs instead of XLRs, how about a Mackie Mix8?

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