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Wirelessly controlling a Roland Juno DS-61

Ryan Chansler

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Our keyboard player has a Roland Juno and is looking for a way to wirelessly control it. I've been looking all over the internet for a solution for him. I found a wireless midi transmitter and receiver called midiBeam as one solution, but there is very little one it our the company online. If he went that route, he would continue using his Lucina. Another possible solution was that he buy an Alesis Vortex, but I'm not sure if it will work with the Juno. I see that it can work with some keyboards, but I don't know if the Juno is one of them. Could someone help me with this dilemma? I can't find very much by searching the internet.
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So, the keyboard player wishes to play the Juno's sounds from the Lucina, yes?


This may be possible with two Quiccosound mi.1 (or Yamaha equivalent) Bluetooth MIDI adaptors and using an iPhone/iPad to bridge the two.


Check out this cool video from the awesome Katsunori Ujiie:




The video is in Japanese, however there are English subtitles. At around the 8 minute mark he explains how two mi.1 adaptors are used to connect Yamaha and Roland products wirelessly, with an iPad used as the bridge.





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You can only use the wireless feature of the newer Vortex to a computer or ios device that runs midi software. You can interface those devices to other midi if your software or device has midi out or thru. Not sure about Andriod. The mi.i only works on a contoller with voltage on the 5 pin out and will only interface with a device that has Bluetooth LE (newer Mac or ios devices). As far as I know you cant go from midi out of the Vortex Wireless (no voltage to midi on mine) to midi in of the Juno without some sort of computer interface. Midijet is the way to go wireless midi. The wireless midi of the newer model only interface with a computer or ios device that has a usb port and the drivers. Newer Macbook and ios need a usb kit and work without too much set up. I use a 2015 Macbook, iphone6+ and ipad pro.
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