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Video Monitors

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Well, I did a search and it's been quite awhile since we discussed computer monitors. My goal has always been to go to a dual system. If not for the function then for just how damn cool it looks. :D


I've looked at prices and the bottom line is soooo different on what appear to be the same device.


Can any one lead me in the right direction on this, maybe with a few recommendations on what to buy.


My Visa card is quivering.

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Even as we speak a Gigabyte GeForce FX 5700 128MB DDR AGP 8X DVI/TVO is speeding its way towards my place. What I was wondering about were the actual monitors...


Such as... right now I'm using a 19 inch CRT. Can you get away with buying 2 LCD 15's and feel OK with it because there is more screen "real estate".


What brands, what refresh rates, what contrast ratios, and most of all, can I get one that matches my lava lamp. :D

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I'm running three monitors on my main DAW PC at the moment - two 17" CRT's and a 15" LCD. The 15" LCD is dang near the same size insofar as screen real estate as either of the 17" CRT's. And it's so much more compact. I can not imagine myself ever buying another CRT.


In your shoes, I'd recommend a pair of 17" LCD's. Or check the 15's at a local dealer and see if you think they're too small. I'd imagine the 17's are going to be close in size to your 19" CRT.


Eventually, I'd like another 15" and a pair of 17" and one more active splitter so I can have two sets of dual LCD monitors, in two different parts of the control room... :D


Oh, and one more 15" LCD for my Giga computer... and maybe another one for the computer in the office, and one for the home / internet machine and... :D

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Originally posted by Super 8:

I would really like to set up a large LCD on an arm that can be positioned over my mixer or back, or wherever I want it....up, down, near, far. I think that is a big advantage right there.

Just finished doing this . . it looks and works great!







Tiny G
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