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Five tunes charting up,up,up! my new goal is TEN

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Goals are good.

I wished to have ONE song online where folkes could listen if they so chose.

I have about thirty now.

I guess the folkes have spoken. or at least


I have five songs that are charting way up low at this one particular website.

The funny thang is that the folkes who like my tunes are liking them for all the WRONG REASONS.

I have a song that is currently CHARTING in a HIP HOP category.

I don't do hip hop..

Why a bunch of hip hoppers would like my acoustic ditty(LOSER)is way beyond me.


so I have several different tunes charting all at the same time. Several different styles and NONE of them HIP HOP.

so why would a bunch of hip hoppers like my redneck loser acoustic git-tar song?

what could a bunch of young urban city folke like about my olde redneck music?

how could they relate to this tune?

what in the HAIL is going on??



OH golly wow!

this is another site.

World Genre Music Chart

1st Place Tarry road

Arell Spencer

2nd Place Ujima

The Kwanzaa Project

3rd Place Alleycat

Arell Spencer

4th Place T.T. song in A major

Arell Spencer

5th Place Shipless

Arell Spencer


ahahahaha! thanks for lettink me share.

Frank Ranklin and the Ranktones



FRANKIE RANKLIN (Stanky Franks) <<<

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OKAY. I'm a'tryin to figger this out. if water always runs downhill and MATH is a CONSTANT source of TRUTH then there has to be a solid definable reason why them hip hopper dudes and dude-ettes like that ditty.

What GENRE is it REALLY?

it AIN't HIP HOP. thats for sure.

what GENRE is ALLEYCAT. I have NO idea. I just stuck it in WORLD for giggles.

I put the reggae stuff there for because other reggae type jams was in there too. but them jams ain't PURE reggae or KING music. It AIN"T REALLY poly-phonic or what ever. I may have an element or two but it's mostly just jams.

I have a major prob' with deciding which GENRE to drop any given tune into.

so in most cases i put it in the wrong one. I guess I am just gonna drop ever'ting mon' into the world category from now on. except blues. I drop that into a different one. ahahaha!

I wish to drop ALLEYCAT into the THREAD OF A MILLION POSTES and get somebody to give a listen and tell me: what GENRE, you believe ALLEYCAT is.

for that tune I play a series of suspended fourths and thats all. a simple tune at best.

so what GENRE is it?


Frank Ranklin and the Ranktones



FRANKIE RANKLIN (Stanky Franks) <<<

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