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Botch - What happened to your web site?

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puddlestone.net seems to be toast...


Unless the multilingual "under construction" page that comes up is your new look!


I wanted to see if you guys were playing around town anywhere this weekend...

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Shoot, and we had one of our increasingly-rare gigs last night (Chipshots in Brigham City; they're moving to a new building and not hiring any more bands until the move, although it sounds like they were considering us for their eventual "grand opening" :) )


Jeff took the website down about a month ago because he wanted to improve it; he said last night he had it finished and it should be uploaded sometime today (which, in Jeff time, means hopefully within a couple of weeks ;) ).


Gig went OK last night, not the biggest crowd but probably the liveliest, dang we had fun. I'm recovering from a cold and the singing/smoke combination last night did me in for the rest of the weekend, but I needed to do my taxes anyway...


Hopefully our website will be back up soon (I'll re-add it to my sig block when its up) and I'm looking forward to meeting you! Our next gig will be at Esquire House of Blues on 21-22 May :( but if something comes up sooner it'll be posted. My number is 627-3561 if you want to call. Talk atcha later! :)


"Eccentric language often is symptomatic of peculiar thinking" - George Will


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