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My new (old) babies \o/

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These are 20 year old (vintage?) IMF Compact Monitors II. I bought them yesterday. Tried, tested and compared to other monitors over at Sign's studio this afternoon. One word to describe em: ACE. (Sign has several other IMF models sitting about in his lair)


The CM2 according to the original ad is a "Two way in line resistive reflex system with emphasis given to the phase-coherence, providing performance that is tight and crisp throughout the audio spectrum". from 34hz up that is :love:


Currently got them hooked up to my PC at home playing Norah Jones .wav files and screwing about with some plugins. (why is Norah's last album mastered much louder then her first btw? bah.)




Won't tell how much I got em for but lets just say they were cheaper then Behringers :D

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I think they're a bit older. The company existed from 1976 'till 1982 if I'm well informed.


But these monitors are in exellent condition and they are the best sounding small monitors I've heard in a very long time.


They sound pretty ADAM like and that's a whole lot better than all the Alesis/Behringer/Mackie/small Genelec crap.


I have listened to a number of mixes and CD's that I know very well and I've heard details on them which I'd never heard before.


And they only have cost 80 euro ($103.20) :evil:

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Heh :( Nobody ever heard of IMF apparently. No use asking any further questions or boasting about then is there.


(. Y .) nipples! (trying to keep this website rated adult).


Notice the cool Frequency/instrument map from BK's book hangin over my monitor. But what IS the frequency spectrum of a badger? :D It's missing from the chart.


imo I shud stfu tbh n get akip. nn. I look like this atm: :freak:

Stirring shit up since 1968
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