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Dead key...


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Hey all,


One of my individual keys died on my Kurzweil. It's not completely dead, but only higher velocities generate a signal. It's the G#5 key in the upper register.


I'm a bit surprised it happened given that I'm not a heavy-handed player, but I guess it can happen to anyone. It doesn't dissuade me from buying a Kurzweil (they're awesome in so many ways), and since it's a Fatar action, I trust that it can be repaired easily. I just hate leaving my board at a repair shop, as I have yet to visit a clean one, and it's one to two weeks without a board.


For the time being I'm just going to work around it, but eventually I'll have to get it fixed.



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I just did a repair a week ago to fix a key that stopped working completely on my Nord Electro 3. Someone smarter than me can tell you whether the Nord Electro also uses a Fatar keybed.


The biggest part of this was disassembly so I could get access to the gray rubber bubble membrane, (very) gently lift it, and get rid of the offending speck of debris.


I am fairly good with mechanical stuff, and I have a healthy fear about not messing up anything else while taking apart the keyboard and putting it back together. With the Nord Electro, I found couple of tutorial videos on Youtube on how to safely take it apart and put it back together again. I suspect that a Nord Electro may be simpler than your Kurzweil, so I would not suggest you do a self-repair on yours unless you can find some very good video tutorials for your model, and you are sure that you could take yours apart and put it back together again without causing any harm.


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If you don't mind opening up the keyboard yourself, you can replace all the contacts. Kurzweil will not sell these direct and neither will authorized repair shops. I replaced mine on my PC3-76 with contact strips from www.midi-store.com, search for "Fatar rubber contact." Good luck



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Dust in the bubble contacts, almost guaranteed. A common issue with Fatar actions.


This happened to my NordPiano last year, and I was charged >$280 by the company that cleaned it.



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