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Opcode Christmas get together


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For the people that might remember....

After my concert in SF, a few people from Opcode got together.



Dave Oppenheim, me, Jarrell Irvin, Ray Spears, Paul de Benedictis


Dave was the Op behind Opcode, Jarrell worked on Studio 5 and Galaxy, Ray was co-writer of Vision and Paul was head of marketing.




On left is Bill Thompson and Jim Anderson.



Korg Kronos, Roland RD-88, Korg Kross, JP8000, MS2000, Sequential Pro One, Micromoog, Yamaha VL1, author of unrealBook for iPad.

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Yay! I still have my Studio5. I wish somebody would pick up on the click-to-clock technology... it's often needed today but with no viable solution around.


Still have a Studio 64x and 2 8PortSE, Galaxy+ editors and Studio Vision as well.

Also kept 2 Mac G3 (1 spare).


A shame Opcode was sold to Gibson.

Their stuff was good !



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