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Yamaha S90 vs Komplete Kontrol S88 (key-bed)


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Hey guys, I have a Yamaha S90 keyboard and I really don't use the internal sounds, but love the key-bed. I'm thinking about getting a new keyboard and I think the Kontrol S88 might be the answer. I also have the Komplete 11, so that's a plus. Has anyone here compared the key-bed on the S88 vs the S90?



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wondering why you want another keyboard is you like the S90 action. If it's to play nicely with Komplete then the S88 is certainly the answer especially at the current discounted price. The Fatar action will certainly feel different than the action on your Yamaha. Anyone's comparisons here will still be their opinion, not your own.
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Haven't seen the 88 but the smaller semi-weighted KK Kontrol feels wonderful although I didn't have an opportunity to play it while hooked up to anything. I got the impression that this is really meant to work in conjunction with their software and is not so great as a stand-alone hardware controller. I saw nothing in the menus that would allow easily changing midi channels, creating splits/layers etc. Maybe you program all this up front with the computer and then in stand-alone simply switch programs :idk? Anyway, something to investigate/consider if you plan on using it live.


I'm hoping to explore this more at NAMM.

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Yamaha S90

88 keys, Balanced Hammer Effect Keyboard (Initial Touch/Aftertouch)


Kontrol S88

Has aftertouch - must me one of the Fatar models that comes with optional aftertouch...

could be a TP-400, a TP-40, TP10-MDR, TP-9Piano, TP8-Piano.


It's only 31.75lbs so I doubt it's the TP-40W. Also, NP3 is 40.1lbs, Numa Concert is 44.1lbs. So it's not a TP-40W.


Numa Stage uses a TP-100LR. Comes in at 28.7lbs. Could be the TP-100LR. NI isn't really telling us much in their copy - no mention of triple switch velocity sensor which the TP-100LR has - not that its not there, they just don't mention it.


Kurzweil PC3K8 uses the TP-40L, comes in at 54lbs. Artis uses the TP-100LR but weighs 46lbs. NI is surely using a plastic construction though.


I also have to assume NI isn't building this in their own shop. Those round buttons look familiar - possible they are ordering the whole thing from Fatar/StudioLogic?




What OP described sure sounds like a TP-100.

Yamaha CP88, Casio PX-560

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FYI, TP100LR can be 2 or 3 sensor, with or without aftertouch.


For example, the Acuna spec is:


88 or 73 Keys, TP/100LR Premium Hammer Action

Dual switch detection system



The Studiologic SL88 Studio:


The 88 Keys, TP/100LR Premium Hammer Action

Triple switch detection system



Numa Nano and Numa Stage are other models with aftertouch... the former is 2 sensor, the latter is 3.


And of course, the TP100 without aftertouch is used in a number of boards including some Nords and Kurzweils

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I used to have a Yamaha S90 and liked the keybed feel and the sounds. (I sold it because I wanted a lighter unit. I currently have a Yamaha acoustic piano, the U5. Last year, I tried a Casio Privia PX-5S and I liked the graded action very much. I wound up getting a Casio PX-560 that also has the Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action. (It weighs only about 26 1/2 lbs, slightly over half weight of the S90). I prefer the Casio keybed over the Yamaha S90.


If you haven't already done so, you should check them out because the only thing that matters is how it feels to you.

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